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The Northwest Region of Arkansas has one of the highest percentages of elderly population in the nation.  Since the inception of the program in 1981, operated as a Division of the Northwest Arkansas Economic Development District, the Senior Services Program provides a diverse range of services to enhance the lives of our senior citizens.  The Division operates six Senior Centers in five counties, as well as two Adult Day Care Centers, one in Baxter County, and one in Boone County.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Senior Center? Who is Eligible?
Where Can I Find A Center Near Me? What Are Adult Day Services?
What Facilities and Services are Offered? Where can I find Adult Day Services in This Area?
What is the Cost to a Senior? Who Can I Contact for More Information?
What are the Policies for Participation?  


What is a "Senior Center?"

The goal of the Senior Services Program in Northwest Arkansas is to help our seniors remain healthy, active, independent and contributing members of the community.   By no means is the program to be considered a "free lunch," or a welfare operation.  On the contrary, much of the operational cost of the Senior Centers are supported by participant donations.  There are no restrictions or requirements based on income.  These are YOUR Senior Centers, supported in large part by your participation and donations. 

A Senior Center is a place to meet new friends and maintain relationships with old friends.  A source of information and referral to supportive senior services.  A place to socialize and participate in activities with people with whom you can feel comfortable and compatible.  A place to receive transportation services as needed, and to enjoy delicious, hot lunches with your friends on every weekday.

Below are links to each of our Senior Centers and Adult Day Care Centers, providing information about each center's location, contact information, hours of operation, services offered, and other important details which will help introduce you to the center nearest you.


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Northwest Arkansas Senior Centers

Name of Center City County Phone Click for Details
Big Flat Senior Center Big Flat Baxter Co. (870) 448-3674 Big Flat
Boone Co. Senior Center Harrison Boone Co. (870) 741-1505 Boone County
Newton Co. Senior Center Jasper Newton Co. (870) 446-5531 Newton County
Marion Co. Senior Center Flippin Marion Co. (870) 453-8488 Marion County
Van Matre Senior Center Mountain Home Baxter Co. (870) 424-3054 Van Matre
Searcy Co. Senior Center Marshall Searcy Co. (870) 448-2999 Searcy County
Elkins Senior Center Elkins Washington County (479) 643-2741 Elkins
Farmington Senior Center Farmington Washington County (479) 267-5709 Farmington
Fayetteville Senior Center Fayetteville Washington County (479) 571-2920 Fayetteville
Greenland Senior Center Greenland Washington County (479) 442-2554 Greenland
Hillcrest Towers Senior Center Fayetteville Washington County (479) 443-3512 Hillcrest
Lincoln Senior Center Lincoln Washington County (479) 824-3861 Lincoln
Prairie Grove Senior Center Prairie Grove Washington County (479) 846-2794 Pr. Grove
Springdale Senior Center Springdale Washington County (479) 751-1521 Springdale
West Fork Senior Center West Fork Washington County (479) 839-3407 West Fork


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What to Expect:
Services Offered at All Senior Centers

Transportation - The area's Senior Centers offer transportation services to seniors, operating wheelchair-accessible vans which travel on scheduled routes.  Transportation is available for many types of activities, including medical appointments, shopping, personal errands, and even group trips to social and entertainment events.

Socialization - Our Senior Centers are enthusiastic about providing a wide variety of socialization opportunities for participants.  Life should be fun, and we strive to make it so!  During regular hours of operation, choices of activities usually include table games, billiards, computer classes, exercise classes, music events, public speakers, and more.  Each Center is equipped with gym and exercise gear, including treadmills, stationary bikes, and weight lifting equipment. Group socialization is encouraged, but if a participant prefers a quiet place to read or chat with friends, the opportunities and space are also available.

Congregate Meals - The most important meal of the day may well be the one you enjoy with friends!  Each weekday at lunchtime, between 11:30 and 12:30, our Senior Centers serve hot, nutritious meals.

Meals on Wheels - One of our most important services is the Meals on Wheels Program, operated by this area's Senior Centers.  Each day, Monday through Friday, hot meals are delivered to the area's homebound elderly, and frozen meals ready for microwaving are delivered for weekends and holidays.  The meals are cooked fresh daily, and are nutritionally planned and balanced.


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Who is Eligible?

Eligibility criteria, as with all of our programs, is that each person must be age 60 or over, or the spouse of someone age 60 or over who attends the center. The spouse can be any age.

Under very limited circumstances, services may be provided to some clients who are under age 60.  Please contact Kaye Curtiss, Senior Services Program Director, for details, at (870) 741-8007


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What is the Cost to a Senior?

All of the programs and services offered by the Senior Services Program are available at no cost, and with no income guidelines or requirements.  However, please note that the program relies heavily on contributions for meals and transportation services.

Some of our funding is allocated to us based on low-income participants. Therefore, income information is requested, but is not required.

Coffee and Tea service is not considered a part of the meal service by our funding source. Both items are offered as a service to our participants, but there is no funding for these items. As a result, participants must pay a small fee each time they consume coffee or tea.

Funding for congregate meals does not cover 100% of our cost to provide this service. We receive no Medicaid funding at all.  In fact, only about 62% of the cost of each meal is paid by government sources. The remaining 38% must be raised locally. Therefore, each center has a suggested meal donation posted. We ask each person receiving a meal to donate as much as you can afford to pay for this service. Donations should be paid by each person receiving a meal and should be made each time a meal is received.


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What are Adult Day Services?

The Two Adult Day Service facilities in Northwest Arkansas provide low-cost day care for persons with mental or physical impairments, and for those who can no longer stay home alone.  Individuals with Alzheimer's disease, other memory problems, stroke victims, and extremely frail elderly are all made to feel welcomed and cared for by our friendly, trained, professional staff.

The goal of our program is to offer participants devoted care and attention, delicious and nutritious hot meals, structured recreational activities, physical exercise, and social contact with others, all in a cheerful, home-like atmosphere.  Preserving the dignity and protecting the privacy of our participants is a high priority.

The program allows caregivers of dependent adults to continue working and to stay involved with their communities.  By enhancing the daily lives of both, caregivers and participants, we strive to make it possible for families to remain together as long as possible.

Please follow one of the following links to see specific details about the two Adult Day Service Programs provided by Northwest Arkansas Senior Services.




Northwest Arkansas Adult Day Services

Name of Center City County Phone Click for Details
Baxter House Adult Day Services Center Center Mountain Home Baxter Co. (870) 425-7585 Baxter House
Boone Co.  Adult Day Services Center Harrison Boone Co. (870) 741-4991 Boone County


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Helpful Links

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For additional Information or Assistance Contact:
Kaye Curtis  -  Director of Senior Services  -  (870) 741-8007

Email Kaye Curtis

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